Wantagh High 50th Reunion, Class of 1970 FAQ

Here are some questions you may have about our upcoming Wantagh High 50th Reunion, scheduled for August 14-16, 2020.
  • Is Aug. 15, 2020 a definite, booked date with a booked venue for the dinner? And is Aug. 14-16 the definite weekend? I don't want to book an airline ticket unless it's definite.
    • This is a definite, booked date. We are booked and committed. We are confident moving forward this far in advance in part because of the extraordinary turnout we had for the 40th Reunion. See our 50th Reunion post for more info.
  • I'm interested in attending but not ready to commit. How do I show my interest?
  • I'm not receiving email notices or updates. How do I sign up?
    • Email our contact liaison, Tom Douglas. We are still missing contact info for some 250 classmates. Your contact info will not be used for any purpose other than emailing you about the upcoming reunion.
    • Don't forget to check your spam mail.
  • Will there be an attendee list in advance? How can I find out if old friends will be there?
    • To be announced.
  • How much will the Saturday night dinner event cost?
  • By when will I have to make a commitment to attend the dinner event?
    • To be announced.
  • What's on the menu?
    • Not yet finalized. There will be a variety of items, of course!
  • Where can I stay? I no longer live in the area. Is there an official hotel?
    • There is no official hotel. If you have any great hotel recommendations, feel free to use the comment section below to suggest them.
    • Airbnb options are also available in the area.
    • Camping out in the dunes at Jones Beach. Just kidding! Unfortunately, camping out in the dunes is as illegal now as it was back in 1970. Not that that ever stopped some of us.... However, suggestions of legal places to camp out are welcome in the comment section.
  • How can I make suggestions to the Planning Committee about weekend events or gatherings?
    • Email our contact liaison, Tom Douglas. We welcome your ideas!
  • I'd like to help out that weekend. How can I do that?
    • Email Tom Douglas. We have various tasks with which we'd love some help. For example, we are looking for help with the decorations, including someone to pick them up in advance (email Tim Graham to help with the decorations). We would also love to find someone responsible, personable, but not in our 1970 graduating class who can do check-in at the door while all the rest of us party the night away.
  • Why do you have both a Facebook page and a separate website?
    • Many folks do not have Facebook accounts. We're offering both options. The same info will be available on both sites. Use whichever makes you most comfortable!
  • Do you have a blog?
    • Yes, and you are reading a blog post on our website right now. The website is set up as a blog, and you can submit comments without registering.
  • How can I comment without registering?
    • To comment without registering, begin by clicking "Post a Comment" at the page bottom. You will be taken to the Comment Page. Scroll to just below the main comment text box. Select the Name/URL button. The name can be your nickname or full name, and the URL--e.g., your profile page--is optional. If you are still feeling antsy about revealing who you are, you can alternatively select the Anonymous button. And, if you happen to have a Google or Blogger account, you can leave the default selection button checked. Don't forget to enter your comment and to select Preview or Publish when you are done!
  • Do you have a public Facebook page?
    • Yes. See our Facebook Event page. Although the page is public, you need a Facebook account to use some features.
  • How can I help spread the word about the event?
    • Of course, word of mouth with your friends is the best. Let your Wantagh High friends know by email or in person if you are interested in attending. What if our announcements are going into their spam mail? You could be the one to let them know.
    • A great thing you could do is that if you have a website or a profile page, you could link to us. Our url is https://wantaghhigh.blogspot.com/. Every link to us boosts us higher on Google, which makes it easier for our classmates to find us when searching for us on Google.
    • You can also link to our Facebook event page. The url is https://www.facebook.com/events/760810904437514/. That makes us more visible on Facebook, which also may help people find us via Google.


WonderKind said…
Greetings from Cincinnati. I’m looking forward to a Wantagh weekend in August. See you soon.
Ken Venick
Lauren F said…
On the question of hotels: I've put up family satisfactorily at the Hicksville Econo Lodge, 429 Duffy Ave., Hicksville, 11801. It's not fancy, but it is easy access--just two blocks from Wantagh Parkway on Old Country Road. The rooms are clean enough, though some cleaner than others. Free WiFi, lots of parking, decent lighting at night for safety. It offers muffins, bagels, instant oatmeal with toppings, coffee and tea, etc. as continental breakfast in the lobby; and it is reasonably priced for the area. If you want luxury and a swimming pool, this is not for you. But, it's been a pretty reliable compromise in the past for me and my family.
Paul Levy said…
Greetings from a more southerly beach. The Best Western in Rockville Centre is not bad for a low price place. Breakfast included and has a pool. Was clean a few years ago. A bit far away but not many choices. Does the motel on Sunrise Highway in Massapequa still exist? Best wishes to all.

Paul Levy
Brian Murphy said…
Looking forward to a good time. See ya in August.
Brian Murphy
Barbara Santora Foster said…
Looking forward to coming ,not sure about attending the whole weekend but definitely the Friday night at the wantagh Inn

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