Wantagh High 50th Reunion Rescheduled to Weekend of Aug. 14, 2021

Great News! Our 50th reunion celebration is now definitively scheduled for the weekend of August 14, 2021.   (Yes, it's maybe now technically a 51st reunion! But, maybe by continuing to call it what it is--our 50th reunion--we can all think of ourselves as a year younger? It would be lovely to think the COVID year is simply expunged and the clock is rewound!) Memorare Hall in Seaford has graciously kept their commitment to us to prioritize our re-booking. We got our first choice for the date. With many reunions and graduations rescheduling and reopening in the wake of the year of COVID, and with the new relaxations of NY State guidelines in the wake of vaccinations and a reduction of COVID infections, we are grateful to all involved in accomplishing this rescheduling. A few notes:  You can ask questions at any time by emailing Tom Douglas. You can buy tickets at any time through our secure website interface. In accordance with New York guidelines,  Memorare Hall in Seaford reo

Wantagh High 50th Reunion, Class of 1970 FAQ

 [Newly revised and updated, May 9, 2021] Here are some questions you may have about our upcoming Wantagh High 50th Reunion, rescheduled for the weekend of August 13-15, 2021 , with the Saturday night dinner on August 14, 2021 . Is Aug. 14, 2021 a definite, booked date with a booked venue for the dinner? And is Aug. 13-15 the definite weekend? I don't want to book an airline ticket unless it's definite. This is a definite, booked date. We are booked and committed. We are confident moving forward because of the improved outlook in the wake of vaccinations and the reduction of recent infections from the coronavirus, and  in part because of the extraordinary turnout we had for the 40th Reunion. See our updated 50th Reunion post for more info. I'm interested in attending but not ready to commit. How do I show my interest? Post a comment to either our Facebook page or in the comment section below. I'm not receiving email notices or updates. How do I sign up?

Wantagh High 50th Reunion, Rescheduling Info, Weekend of Aug. 14, 2021

Hello again to the members of the Wantagh Class of 1970:   We hope all remain healthy and safe. Covid 19 created a very difficult year for all of us.   We wanted to briefly update the Class on the plans for the celebration of our 50th reunion. At the current time, the 50th reunion celebration remains tentatively scheduled for the weekend of August 14, 2021.     In accordance with New York guidelines,  Memorare Hall in Seaford is reopening for gatherings of up to 150 guests as of March 15, 2021 and is booking events throughout the remainder of the year. The Class of 1970  continues to reserve the evening of Saturday August 14, 2021 for our 50th reunion celebration.   While  recent news regarding the vaccine rollout and Covid health data has been encouraging,  due to continued uncertainty, we plan to defer until  mid-April or May a final decision on going forward with the reunion in August.  Stay tuned here for more details!   We are particularly aware of the difficulties f

50th Reunion, Wantagh High School Class of 1970, August 14-16 2020!

Save the Date! Our Wantagh High 50th Class Reunion is underway for the weekend of August 14-16, 2020. The main event is scheduled for Saturday August 15, 2020. Dinner, dancing, and more: Memorare Hall 2183 Jackson Ave. Seaford, NY 11783 Tickets cost $90 per person. You can now Buy Tickets here . We've got many other accompanying events in the works, including a tour of Wantagh High; a morning of golf; a gathering at a local tavern; a dinner at Kwong Ming plus all kinds of other get-togethers in the works, from gatherings at the beach to NYC. Your ideas and inputs are welcome! We are still in the planning stages for many additional events. We welcome additional ideas. We had over 100 attendees for the 40th Reunion. Many classmates and attendees contributed. Let's make the 50th another fantastic event by doing what we do best as the Class of 1970: Contributing all kinds of great ideas. If you would like to be on our mailing list, email Tom Douglas . Your